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My name is Sophie Jones and i am 23 years of age. In 2011 i graduated from Leicester College of Performing arts where i obtained a Trinity National Diploma in Musical theatre. I have always had a passion for performing and since a very young age have been in many shows and filming experiences. Since graduating i have been auditioning and successful enough to be part of magazine calender shoot, dance, fashion shows and am now embarking on my new adventure of filming.  I wish to live the dream and gain as much experience as possible then hopefully after graduaring from Middlesex University work towards my PGCE which will hopefully allow me to teach. Live the dream then teach it, inspire others as i was!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

7A, Summary Module 3

Inquiry title 

How does a professional performer adapt/make the transitions into a secondary school educational setting to educate dance?

My research/ Inquiry questions and ideas

What has been highlighted to me from reading through my feedback from my last module is that I need to delve a little more into what I mean by inspirational teaching and what I see as teaching. Once I have written my views I can then contrast and compare these with the outcomes of the interviews I will conduct. I can then highlight re occurring themes. 

Ethical Issues

From a glance I hope that there will be no obvious ethical issues. All of the participates involved in my inquiry are fully aware of their input and that no data would be shared unless agreed to. I have written up an email and sent this to the participants outlining my proposal and have asked for confirmation that this is all ok from them. 

Literature review

I am very pleased with my chosen literature. However I also thoroughly agree with Adesola that I should also add some alternative literature about what it means to teach. I also need to further research for my literature go beyond google. I know there are various resources that I could look into. I will look in my local library to see what it has to offer covering my inquiry topic on teaching. 

Changes to my plan 

I am not going to change my plan, just areas have been highlighted to me. Such as more in depth knowledge on what teaching means personally to me. I am happy with only 3 research tools, and that a survey would be of no use to me. I am very keen to know the outcome of the ire view with a non performer. Furthermore I much ensure that throughout my inquiry that I do not only confirm things I already know but actually set out to find out something new. 

The 5 stages

I currently have reviewed my feedback from Adeshola and after reading through the hand books, and completing task 7A, making me reflect and summarise what has occurred so far. 
I have decided to also look for other research choosing my local library for text on teaching. This is something I am currently looking into other than just finding literature off of the web. I have set out emails ready to send to participants the sooner these are agreed I can then set dates to carry out my observation and interviews. 
Stage 3 is where I carry out the activates, I am very open minded to what I may find out and see if this inquiry will change course. 

I feel the analysing of my research will be a challenge for myself. I wish to thoroughly extract as much as possible from my findings and present this in a way that people will understand and what to know more them selves. I hope my inquiry will open up people's eyes into transition from professional performer to teacher, and how inspiration can be a quality a teacher possess. 

Stage 5 is where I will present all my findings and complete my inequity. I hope to have learnt a huge insight into the world of teaching and how inspiration must be a key factor when teaching. 

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