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My name is Sophie Jones and i am 23 years of age. In 2011 i graduated from Leicester College of Performing arts where i obtained a Trinity National Diploma in Musical theatre. I have always had a passion for performing and since a very young age have been in many shows and filming experiences. Since graduating i have been auditioning and successful enough to be part of magazine calender shoot, dance, fashion shows and am now embarking on my new adventure of filming.  I wish to live the dream and gain as much experience as possible then hopefully after graduaring from Middlesex University work towards my PGCE which will hopefully allow me to teach. Live the dream then teach it, inspire others as i was!

Monday, 11 February 2013

My First ever Blog!

Hello everyone,

This is my first EVER blog, its a little scary but most defiantly exciting! Hopefully i will get the hang of it soon and i will be constantly typing away. I am now on the BAPP course at middlesex university and i can not wait to start getting involved. It was so lovely on my induction day last week meeting lots of new faces, listening to other peoples experiences and all thier hopes and dreams. If anyone could help me improve on blogging i would appreciate it so much. Take care everyone have a good day! x


  1. Hey Sophie!

    Ahh glad you feel the same as me! I was so confused setting it up, but now I am slowly getting more confident! Still need to do the youtube video though! x