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My name is Sophie Jones and i am 23 years of age. In 2011 i graduated from Leicester College of Performing arts where i obtained a Trinity National Diploma in Musical theatre. I have always had a passion for performing and since a very young age have been in many shows and filming experiences. Since graduating i have been auditioning and successful enough to be part of magazine calender shoot, dance, fashion shows and am now embarking on my new adventure of filming.  I wish to live the dream and gain as much experience as possible then hopefully after graduaring from Middlesex University work towards my PGCE which will hopefully allow me to teach. Live the dream then teach it, inspire others as i was!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Module 2, 4a, My Questions

Here are my questions that i feel are very relevant to my line of inquiry.

  • How do i become an effective teacher?
  • What key skills and attributes must i have to become a successful teacher?
  • What transitional qualities must i have?
  • What journey will i go on to achieve my goal as a teacher?
  • Can i use my professional experiences/ knowledge as guide lines to influence and inspire others in my professional career path?
  • How i will adapt and learn new teaching styles/work loads and classroom methods?
  • What have i learnt from other people's experiences?

I am more than happy for any feedback from you all, it would be greatly appreciated. 

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  1. Hi Sophie,

    I'm glad you managed to go along to the second module session. Unfortunately I was working again so couldn't come along!

    Your questions above, though not the same as mine, are focused around similar points.

    At first (and still now), I find it difficult to come up with questions that are actually genuine and can be answered through research. I found that some of my questions I already held an opinions on, whereas others could only be answered if I had a crystal ball to look into the future! We do want to know the answers to these questions of course, but they are not going to be found through research.

    Your question:
    How i will adapt and learn new teaching styles/work loads and classroom methods?

    is one that interests me as I myself am wanting to find out more about the classroom methods for teaching different age groups.

    The fact that you are passionate about inspiring and influencing people I think is great, so rather asking what journey you will go on to achieve your goal as a teacher, instead think of what you have already learnt and what questions came up along the way.
    I hope that makes sense and helps!

    I have joined the SIG that you are apart of as well but I've also created my own SIG if anyone feels they have similar questions and would like to discuss and share in information gathered. As I think we do have a similar approach would you like to join my SIG also and we can help each other out?

    Carla x