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My name is Sophie Jones and i am 23 years of age. In 2011 i graduated from Leicester College of Performing arts where i obtained a Trinity National Diploma in Musical theatre. I have always had a passion for performing and since a very young age have been in many shows and filming experiences. Since graduating i have been auditioning and successful enough to be part of magazine calender shoot, dance, fashion shows and am now embarking on my new adventure of filming.  I wish to live the dream and gain as much experience as possible then hopefully after graduaring from Middlesex University work towards my PGCE which will hopefully allow me to teach. Live the dream then teach it, inspire others as i was!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

6c My Literature

My three pieces of literature are;



My first piece of literature is from google books, i came across this piece of literature by typing into google search engine literature of dance teachers. This took me a while to find, but once i started reading this i thought it was an Amazing article. For myself this is ideal it covers all areas about dance teachers, various teaching methods, teachers learning process and about teachers environment. For the first time this is a pice of literature that is all together that i can make an understanding of about teachers and all areas involved in teaching. This article answers many  of the questions i had in my head about teaching, as this is a career i wish to go into i had no idea. The piece advises you on skills and qualities you must uphold such as dedication to your subject, but also shows me a variety of dance educator jobs that are out there that i could take into consideration. Weather it be a mentor, choreographer, teacher, assessor, i feel within all of these forms you have to inspire.  

There are 2 authors to the book i have found firstly,

Gayle Kassing, who has been a professional dancer, choreographer,  dance educator, presenter, and author. As a professional dancer, she is experienced ballet, modern dance, and musical theatre. She obtained a BFA in ballet and theatre from the Christian University in texas. She has now been an educator for more than 25 years, teaching at various different universities in physical education and fine arts undergraduate programs and graduate dance education programs. 
Her work also includes dance technique, dance production, classes in primary schools, dance studios, ballet companies, workshops in public schools and she helped write state curriculum guidelines and dance teacher certification tests. This lady is clearly experienced in all areas and i am sure to say she has inspired hundreds of people. 

Referencing from;

And Danielle Mary jay is also the author along side Gayle Kassing.



My second piece of literature is taken from a gentleman's blog. David Fawcett has titled him blog “My learning journey”. Whilst looking on the web i came across this blog. David is a secondary school teacher of PE and a learning innovator in Southampton. He strongly believes and has a very passion interest in independent learning and “learning to learn”.

Whilst reading through his blog which is dated 6th April 2013, i found this most relevant to myself and my line of inquiry. His blogg relates to a few of my questions in part 4a. I have spoke of;

effectiveness as a  teacher?
what skills and attributes?
What qualities?
What journey? 
What teaching styles/work loads and classroom methods?

These are just a few highlighted areas that are in my questions for my line of inquiry and in davids blogg he talks about students and the opportunity to properly act upon feedback and as a teacher to be this is exactly what i would wish my students to do. Especially in the subject area i have chose. Dance is a subject area where you can majorly take on feedback, and for example rehearse, practice , give more feedback, keep learning and working together simultaneously to get things better. 

“I would therefore create dedicated times in my lessons for students to do something with the comments that I or their peers had given them.”  

David talks in his blog about critique and i personally feel in a classroom this is vital. This is a quality and skill i will have to use a lot, this is to ensure that the quality of work produced is driven forward to improve the standard of work. He also strongly believes that other students/peeps within the right manner should help advise other students once again in my subject area, within dance you on many occasions have to work in groups so this is ideal, i feel this is a brilliant technique not only for myself to observe other students but for those to critique others and seek independent feedback off one another. 

I also on this page found the youtube clips very helpful he talks about effective feedback. Every teacher in todays society requires to give feedback and its interesting to see ones who do act upon feedback. I strongly agree that critique is a powerful method of feedback. As a teacher you hope that once you give a student feedback that they will then go away have taken in your opinions and feedback to then work on this for next time, but this is not always the case, so i need to ensure i make this an area they wish to develop and grow in. 

These diagrams are taken from David’s blog, i came across these and i find that the process’s are very easy to follow, the structure i completely agree with and will use these when i i come to teach classes.



My third piece of literature is taken from a web article from the Telegraph paper. Written by

Adrian Furnham who is a professor of psychology at University College London.

The reason i chose this piece of literature is because its perfect for my line of inquiry. I am most interested in teachers and how they inspire and how their passion can make a difference in the classroom. This piece talks all about inspiring students and what teachers do to  make others believe in their subject area, and what qualities they have. 

I couldn't be any more happier than i am with this piece of literature.

Adrian talks of how teacher can change lives and this is exactly what i wish to do, i wish to be that teacher that inspires children to take a particular interest in my subject area. I wish for them to then want to always be engaged in my lessons and maybe even follow this as a career like i have. Enthusiasm and passion is exactly what i wish to offer i am so passionate about my subject and i would like to relay that to as many youngsters as possible. Furthermore i also agree by Adrian saying inspirational teachers set high standards, i think this is most needed in schools high standards is what we needs, and that is only because we want the best for the children. If we know they are capable of it, you can only encourage to achieve higher. Adrien also refers to inspirational teachers bringing their subject alive by referring to real life events. As myself when i eventually enter a school work place i will hopefully also inspire by talking about my own professional experiences, such as west end, shows, dance rehearsals etc, i would like to think that my own life events have inspired them to work harder in the classroom. I would coach them into thinking about real situations, i.e pretend audition days so they are aware of situations and examples of professional works. I would cover as much in my subject area as possible to prepare students for what ever they need to know.

Adrien talks of how also teachers can be inspired, seeing a group of dancers stay behind after school to practice something without even being asked shows they have a passion for your subject, i would love to see this myself one day. 

“And why are inspirational teachers the way they are? Intelligence, knowledge, a variety of skills or all of the above. But most say they became teachers or lecturers because they themselves had an inspirational teacher. So it's not genetic... but it certainly is passed on.”

With Adrian’s last couple of sentences i most defiantly couldn't agree more. I feel i would be an inspirational teacher due to my amount of professional knowledge and skills i had picked up over the years. But mainly i wish to inspire others, just like I was when i was younger.

I was inspired at a young age, so now i wish to gain as much professional knowledge, skills and experience so i can then pas this on and inspire others!

These professional people have carried out their own investigations to bring these pieces of literature Through reading these 3 pieces i have learnt a hell of a lot and my knowledge grows day by day. 

Within any sources of research there are going to be idea/ opinions and views but i honestly feel my tree pieces of literature help not only my line of inquiry but for my own personal benefit for as and when i wish to be a teacher. 


  1. Hi Sophie,

    Your first piece of literature was one that I come across myself through research. I agree with you that it's an amazing article and very informative. I think it will prove to be beneficial in your line of inquiry :)


  2. Sophie - it looks like you are doing the process right - also Carla - learning about learning but with specifics to what you do… does some of this theory relate to the theory that BAPP Arts presents?

  3. Hello Carla and Paula,

    Yes i found the article and read through it, but then came back to it as i found it fit the correct aspects that i need in my line of inquiry. I would like to think that i am going down the right path! I am certainly learning a lot about learning in the specific field of performing arts and teaching. x