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My name is Sophie Jones and i am 23 years of age. In 2011 i graduated from Leicester College of Performing arts where i obtained a Trinity National Diploma in Musical theatre. I have always had a passion for performing and since a very young age have been in many shows and filming experiences. Since graduating i have been auditioning and successful enough to be part of magazine calender shoot, dance, fashion shows and am now embarking on my new adventure of filming.  I wish to live the dream and gain as much experience as possible then hopefully after graduaring from Middlesex University work towards my PGCE which will hopefully allow me to teach. Live the dream then teach it, inspire others as i was!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

2a, Reflective Practice (My Journal)

This task asks you to start keeping a journal. I prefer writing down my thoughts and ideas on paper. Its very interesting keeping a reflective journal already by looking back from last week i can see how varied my days are, some very busy, some more relaxing, some very social, lots of interaction and use of technology. Looking back i can see my real life in front of me and i can see clearly reasons for why i do things etc..... send out show reels and CV's for auditions, go to the gym to stay in shape for my career. Its also very clear to see how i have developed with my journal, starting out very basic but now i write a little more in dept as to the reasoning behind my days.

You can reflect and see skills that you use daily that we just take for granted, i.e interaction/ people skills/ technology, we all use these so much and don't realize it. In my part time job in a bar/ restaurant i use everyday skills by communicating with people, using my initiative, all of these i will need and use in auditions things i need in m professional practice. By looking back through my journal already these are very apparent.

The 9 Different ways to write

  • Description; This is something i feel the most, it gets the points down and allows people to read the events and what happened where and when.

  • Initial reflection; I feel that i use this method a hell of a lot, before i read the reader i never thought i thought like this, but its actually very apparent that when i am in the moment (at an audition) i feel and think constantly, i am on initially trying to be my best, alter things to be the best. Being a performer i feel this is the main form of reflection. 

  • Lists; I have always been a person to write lists, they are very short and sweet and to the point, so if  i ever have to relate back to them i know what i was saying.  However when writing lists i have never expanded on them, by saying this happened... so i wish to learn from my mistake to ensure this doesn't happen again.... what could i have done instead to avoid this situation. Now i have a new way of thinking ,next time i write a list i may well elaborate on it.

  • Evaluation; This is a more in depth way of writing  this has more example, more detail, more reflection and input from yourself. This way of writing makes you think of all the possibilities  what did work and what didn't, why didn't it? What have i learnt and will i make these choices again?

  • Graphs charts and diagrams; I feel this is a very effective way for myself, diagrams i prefer, this way you can log your day or events but through the means of a visual pictures. This way i can see and reflect on in a weeks time, how i felt my emotions and feeling of the day.

  • What if?; By writing what if, this takes you even further with your writing, you simply start to take into account other aspects, i feel this way can make you more prepared, more organised almost like one step ahead you are prepared as you have already thought what if.

  • Another View; I had never in my widest dreams through of this type of writing  another view of who/what. But i have tried this and as silly as it may seem its actually very interesting. Try writing a point of view, or a journal/ diary entry from the perspective of your handbag, your car, thinking about what they would have seen, you or the day ahead of you like.

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