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My name is Sophie Jones and i am 23 years of age. In 2011 i graduated from Leicester College of Performing arts where i obtained a Trinity National Diploma in Musical theatre. I have always had a passion for performing and since a very young age have been in many shows and filming experiences. Since graduating i have been auditioning and successful enough to be part of magazine calender shoot, dance, fashion shows and am now embarking on my new adventure of filming.  I wish to live the dream and gain as much experience as possible then hopefully after graduaring from Middlesex University work towards my PGCE which will hopefully allow me to teach. Live the dream then teach it, inspire others as i was!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Whats caught my eye from yesterdays campus session?

Yesterdays campus session has certainly opened my eyes a hell of a lot. Like i have said in my previous blogg in the campus session we spoke about the 750 word essay and the 3rd lot of tasks.

Something that has really caught my attention and has become Paramount only to myself today whilst talking about it, is networking.

I myself am a network i am my own business, i am self employed and i audition for jobs, and so on. My body, skills is my tool my profession. However i have always thought i have been up to date and always put myself out there enough.....but have i?......NO!

Yes i do the standard i send an email with my C, head shot and a show reel but i need to take it further. i attend the auditions and i try my hardest. I am on many websites to promote myself, such as Spotlight, angel stages and dancers pro but i can go beyond that.

In our campus session today i came up with the idea to go that extra mile, say if i was to attend an audition i came up with the following.

  • Attend an audition, say i dint get it not only should i go away and reflect on my audition the experience but i should then use that as a ground.
  • The choreographer of the audition may be holding some classes, i should attend those, get the style of work understand it a bit more. Research them, watch some of their work.
  • I could then email them comment on a social networking site. let them see that i am appreciating their work. Inform them i attended the audition and that i am not giving up. 
  • Intend to improve, they may recognise your name form the promotion you have done commented on their work etc. 
Its very clear i need to pay more attention to detail and be more attentive to my profession. Networking is so crucial in this industry and unless you do it for yourself no one else will, its a fighting game for the job.

I also feel i owe it to my career path that part of my professional domain i should go and see more shows/ plays/ musicals as these are so relevant to my practise, i could network whilst there you never know.

I have been looking into a gentleman called Simon Caulkin who believes we are our own business. i couldn't agree with this more. I have taken a lot of time but i could still do more, to have portfolio pictures done, attend auditions and look up on websites for future work but i now understand that i just need to go that extra mile to network myself. Start conversations with people more in the know, start blogging about work, see more work. The more you know and learn the better you can be at your professional practise.

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